Oceanfront property, 230 m2 / 2475.7 sq foot, located in fishermen's village Tonchigue, non touristic spot, lush vegetation in the area, lots of pasture land. Year-round sunshine. 3 km from Same. $25,000.


My name is Federico Koelle, I live in Guayaquil, Ecuador. I have owned this property for 20 years; my plans were to move here but I have decided for another property I have closer to Guayaquil. So iI want to sell it. I am giving it away in a very low price because I need to get the funds to build my new house. 

Here you have a list of pros and cons of this land. 


- All papers completely legal. Same owner for decades (this is the first thing yo should ask when buying land in Ecuador).

- Oceanfront at an affordable price.

- It has a construction, though you are paying only for the land.

- Great transportation. Tonchigue is right in Ecuador's seaside highway E15. Buses passing by all day. 

- Great neighbors!! Our neighbors are nice people, they have taken care of the land for years, really decent and nice people!

- Sunshine all year long (this can be a disadvantage depending on your priorities).

- Tonchigue is really an off-the-beaten-track spot (this can be a disadvantage depending on your priorities).

- Located in the gateway of Punta Galeras, a peninsula full of pristine beaches and lush forests.

- Near Mache-Chindul National Park with beautiful cloudforests. 

- 20 minutes to Atacames town, with banking and commerce. Frequent buses.

- Internet and all basic services available.

- Safe spot. Near the Ecuadorian Navy headquarter. 



- Tonchigue is not a beautiful village. Old, run down houses, fishermen's beach. This is anything but a relaxing pristine beach.

- You are not really next to the beach. There is a street between the land and the beach.

More info? Contact us to whatsapp +5939 9948-3051 or to fkoelle@hotmail.com

Tonchigue Beach.

Tonchigue from the ocean.

Close-up of the land from above.

Not-so-close-up from above.

In this shot you have a general image of the village.

3 km north is Same, an exclusive beach resort.

50 km south is Mompiche, a beautiful & lush surf point. Quito is locatd 359 km away. All roads are in great shape.

Frontal view of the land. The blue house is in the land; it is an old warehouse made with concrete and wood.

Lateral view of the land's warehouse. It could also be great to garage a boat.

The back part of the land.

Nearby Mompiche has nice places to stay and great waves.

Punta Galera has incredible spots like Estero de Plátano, located about 25 km from the land.

The island of Muisne, located 35 km south has great sandy beaches and a rich & colorful afroe-ecuadorian culture.

Esmeraldas is a province with nice & frendly people everywhere.